Remap the middle mouse button

Adding this to my person WIKI of information…

In Firefox on Linux (Ubuntu), the default behavior of the middle mouse button is to paste the contents of the clipboard as a url. No good that. Everyone knows that the middle mouse button is for closing tabs, right? (bet you Mac users are jealous now eh?).

To change it (remember, this is for Linux only, as far as I can tell), type about:config in the address bar and double click the following entries:

Double click those will change their value to false and make the middle mouse button work as it should.

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  1. Hey now, as a recent part time switcher… regular old mice work with the mac and can have button behaviour.

    And jsut check out that mighty mouse! Ordered mine today 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest with you John, I’m about as big a Mac guy as you can get, but the Mighty Mouse ain’t all that it’s supposed to be. The scroll button is definitely one of the nicest I’ve ever used (up/down and sideways with one ball? Awesome!) but right clicking is a pain because you have to get used to lifting your left finger before clicking with the right. I’ve had mine for a few weeks and still have lots of accidental input.

  3. Logitch. Cordless. Optical. The most awesomest mouse ever created. But I’ve not used the laser mouse.

  4. Josh,

    I’m trying to get un used to right clicking LOL. Guess we’ll see how well I fair in another few days. I like the ball the most. particularly on my 12inch iBook. should be handy.

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