Are people _really_ this lazy?

>California Best Buy stores are offering $9.99 Bluetooth pairing for those too fried on cocaine and hearty Cabernet to be bothered with connecting their new iPhones to the Bluetooth.

This truly amazes me. I mean, I was always the kid to set digital watches or VCR clocks. The thought never occured to me to charge anyone. Sheesh.

Yet another reason why I’m poor no doubt.


By Don

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  1. I was amused recently when, on buying an external HD for my Mac, I was asked if I wanted to purchase installation. I mean, what is there to install??

  2. It’s no different than both Best Buy and Circuit City offering “setup” on the dash mounted GPSs that they sell…

    $30 stick a suction cup on the windshield and turn the thing on…

  3. I know there are people that have trouble with that kind of stuff or they are ascared of the technology.

    This is also a test of the wtf commenting system.

  4. I don’t think it’s that they’re scared per se, just that a lot of people overestimate their techno-ignorance and after all, it must NEED professional installation if they offer it, right?? 😉

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