Re-Learning: iPhone Update #1

With this, my 17th cell phone since 2007 (look it up), I thought I would take some time to jot down a few notes. Now that I’m 5 days into it, I have a few.

**The Good**

* It’s fast. Faster than the Dinc for sure.
* I like the way it feels and like that it’s a little heavy.
* Siri, so far, is amazingly
* The whole “it works” thing
* Phone calls are clear
* Best soft keyboard I’ve used so far
* The Camera is fantastic, both for photos and video (samples coming)
* Battery life is unbelievable

**The Bad**

* Compared to Android, email kinda sucks, but I’m a Gmail user, so this is to be expected
* Contact management is confusing. But I might be trying to use too many accounts with my phone. The fact that the word Exchange is used when trying to get Gmail contacts should be cause for concern.
* Compared to Android and Blackberry, notification sound configuration is definitely lacking. For example, I could have 1 sound for SMS, 1 for Facebook. Doesn’t seem possible on the iPhone
* Quitting apps. So un-elegant.
* Notifications – I have still have tweaking to do, but driving down the street and getting a popup about an available wifi access point is terribly annoying.


* Dropbox 180MB upload limitation. Seriously? WTF is that about.
* Google + app is definitely not as good on iOS as it is on Android. And compressing my photos from the phone is super annoying (feedback submitted).

I’m not looking for suggestions or for any of you iPhone fans to jump to my rescue. I’m 5 days in with this device, and these are only my observations so far. Considering that I’m re-learning how to use a phone again, I’d say I was doing ok. Overall, I’m still super happy with the iPhone, just need to work through the things that I’m either not familiar with or require a different way to do them.

By Don

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  1. Dude – turn WiFi off if you don’t need it – no really, turn it off. Don’t give in to the urge – keep it off when you don’t need it and when you’re driving you definitely don’t need it… It’s a battery killer.

    Killing apps isn’t elegant – but it’s also not really necessary… iOS does close apps automatically after some pre-determined amount of inactivity – but an app that isn’t on screen is essentially in hibernation unless it has a notification element and isn’t consuming much in the way of processor power or battery power… The task bar will show all apps that have been opened since you last deleted apps from that list – not all open apps.

    Notifications – What do you want the moon? After 4 years Apple finally decided that users were smart enough to have custom notification sounds – now you want to have unique sounds for each notification? Us user’s can’t handle that!!!

  2. Turning off WiFi saves battery? That’s the second time I’ve heard that, and it’s 100% opposite of Android. As the shortest amount of time I’ve gone without needing juice is 11 hours, I’m not worried about it right now.

    Ignoring apps in the taskbar. Check. iPhone will handle it. Check.

    Notifications: I want what I had on the blackberry. If my phone makes a sound, I should be able to know that it is a specific person calling, that I’m received an email, and SMS message, a [something] on Facebook or Twitter or, or, or, without looking at my phone. 1 sound for all notifications is so Feature phone, but even they have the ability to specifiy sounds for different notifications.

    These are just my observations so far. Not really looking to go head to head with folks that are used to the phone because they (you) have been using it while I was struggling with Blackberries.

  3. It’s a habit I have from my Treo and Windows Mobile days – shut down every radio you aren’t using/don’t need to eek every ounce of life you can out of the battery. I leave Bluetooth on but shut down just WiFi and GPS except when I need them… Heck I got an extra 2 hours out of my Thunderbolt keeping WiFi off… The trouble on the iPhone with keeping WiFi off is that I believe iCloud will only sync over WiFi.

    Trust me the notifications thing pisses me off too – the fact that Apple just now decided to let iPhone users have custom notification sounds after so long is irritating. Now you can assign individual ringers to folks in your contact list – but you need to do it by editing the contact. You’ve had Jumpin’ Jack Flash assigned to you for years now…

    And I didn’t think you were trying to go head to head over anything – although I’m still shocked you decided to shift to an iPhone from Android…

  4. Yea. I’m tired of shit that doesn’t work, or requires too much fiddling (like the Android). The build quality on these phones doesn’t help their case. Or, at least the build quality of the Dinc.

    I just want a phone that works. If the iPhone fails me, then I’m going to go back to feature phones.

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