RAM vs. Hard Drive

I was going to post this to the tumblr, but decided to share it here instead.

I came across a fun article at Wired (thanks CJ (again)!) today that uses the following the describe the difference between RAM and a hard drive.

>You employ your best explanation about the difference between HD gigabytes and RAM gigabytes (my favorite is to say that RAM is the kitchen countertop and the HD is the store-cupboard. The bigger the countertop, the less trips you make to the store cupboard, and the faster you cook). You’re done, happy that you have made things clear. “So if I add more RAM, I can keep more photos?” Gah!

That’s good, sure. But, I prefer the following.

Think of RAM as being a desk of a fixed size. On a small desk, it’s gets cluttered quickly and you run our of room to work. If you could make the desk larger, you would have more room to work or could work on more projects at the same time. Then, imagine when you turn off your office light light and turn it back on, your desk is clean and ready to be worked on again. This is RAM.

Hard drive is where everything gets stored, or saved, so you can access it later. That’s where your photos and documents and music is stored. This is more like a file cabinet. When you turn your office light off, everything in the file cabinet stays put and is all there, ready to to be used next time you need them.

But, that’s just me.

No related, if you haven’t checked out Tumblr lately, you should. It’s my new favorite thing and I’m really having a good time with it.

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