In Southern California? Apparently Ma’ Nature didn’t get the memo.

In other news…

I went to a wedding reception Saturday night that was for a wedding in November. Beautiful morning here at the house. Still pretty ok when I got to the gym and it looked a little overcast when I was getting my car washed. Even went so far as to pull the MINI into the garage, give her* a coat of wax, clean up the inside and dress the tires**.

After all that, I went to get a haircut and a gift card. Came home to discover the pants I bought, that I thought were a 38 waist (yes, I am a fatty, get over it) were actually about a 32, maybe a 34. Regardless, they didn’t fit, but that is a topic for another time. Found another pair of pants I could wear plus a shirt (bonus!) and headed out.

Get about 1/2 way into my 100 mile drive and it started. Just a light misting, not even rain, really. Then the mist got heavier as I drove further north. Before too long, what was falling from the sky could really be called rain. Not a downpour or anything, but real, honest-to-goodness rain.

Rained all during dinner too. And pictures. And cake. And the uncomfortable-ed-ness*** of trying to talk to people I didn’t know (I give myself a B-. I just signed up for charm school). Heck, even rained on the way home until I was about 1/2 way into my 100 my return drive.

So much for getting the car washed. Now I’m going to have to do it again tomorrow.

*Yes, my car, the MINI, is a she. For those of you that are new to w(t)f, you already know this. Don’t say her name or you will have to take a drink.

**I didn’t actually put clothing on the tires of my MINI. Just because I gave her a name doesn’t make me a total wacko nutjob. Dressing the tires is the process in where you apply a very slippery substance to a tire to make shine all nice and pretty.

***Watch out! I’m makin’ up words again. Nobody is safe!

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