Quick thoughts on the Flip

So far, so good. The Flip Ultrais actually a great little device. I posted some pics in my Flickr if you want an idea how big it is. Roughly, the same size as a deck of cards, weighs about the same as a cell phone.

I read reviews describing a problem getting the recording going, but I’ve not had any problems with that button yet. It’s actually amazing how fast it goes from powered off to recording. About 4 seconds, give or take.

One question I’ve been getting is why get one? I think it is what it is. A small, very portable video recorder that takes pretty ok video right away and you don’t have to carry a whole bag of stuff to make it work. Perfect for grabbing the quick whatever that might be happening at the time.

It will also connect up to a television, but I can’t imagine the 640×480 would render well on a wide screen. It did come with cables and I will be testing that this weekend, just to see.

So far, I’d say this is a pretty cool little device that I’m sure I will have a lot of fun with. Besides, you can’t beat the price! 2GB at Amazon is $145 (save $5 if you go to target.com). That’s good for an hour (or more, depending on what you are shooting) of video. Not too shabby.

I’ve posted a few to Vimeo and YouTube if you would like to check them out. If you want to check out what it looks like right out of the camera, you can download a sample here. It’s 21.4 MB for about 40 seconds.

Finally, a quick test of the new WordPress Player I just installed. Of course it doesn’t support AVI. Back to the drawing board.

By Don

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  1. Okay, ’cause of you, and my interest in finding stuff that’ll grab my students’ attention, I went ahead and ordered one of these through Amazon.

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