Puppy Emergency

Get everything ready to go last night for a little bit of BBQ Carne y Pollo Asada last night with the lad, myself, and a girl that lives across the street. Everything was great as expected.

Move outside with a bit of Tony Bennet Unplugged playing and a fire in the pit. Cold beer at hand, crackling fire, good music. It was nice.

…and then the puppies started

My next door neighbors are of questionable character at best. About every other day some type of law enforcement vehicle is in front of the house doing something or taking someone away. Rumor is that they are selling drugs too, which is nice. And, these people had dogs.

Now, some people just should not be allowed to own animals. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce either, but I’ll save that for another time. Neighbors had a dog that was chock full ‘o everything bad that a 10 month dog could have. The girl from across the street had already saved that one and found it a new home.

Anyway…beer, fire, music. From across the fence we could hear the sound of squealing puppies. Just about the saddest sound you can imagine. We couldn’t stand it anymore so she went next door to talk to them. About 10 minutes later she calls my name for help with the gate. And there she was, 3 pit bull puppies in her arms. Shivering and probably starving too.

It was early enough so we jet down to the local PetSmart to get some food, and little puppy bed and other things required when puppies are around. Brought it all back to la casa de db and proceeded to get the little dudes all squared away. Food was first, and boy were they hungry! Holy Cow! Then was the requisite play time, you know, ’cause their puppies. Finally all three of them crashed out and we called it a night.

Today they are off to a real nice shelter in San Diego County where I am sure they will get a super home!

So, overall, I guess it was a pretty good night.

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