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The last few weeks have been a little busier than normal for me. Out of nowhere I suddenly had 3 web projects on the go and a small office that needs some computer work. There is other stuff too, but I need to save that for later.

As for the sites, of course they are all WordPress. And, to save you from having to click over to the portfolio page, here are 2 of the three.

Black Bridge Bar

A complete WordPress driven site. Soon to be available in both English and Spanish. Uses a modified version of the donburnside.com theme with creative use of CSS to keep the information on the left side of the page fixed.

Launch Agency Blog

Simple layout to compliment an already existing, Flash-driven site. Theme is completely self-contained and features Facebook and Twitter sharing.

The theme for The Launch Agency Blog I’m actually thinking about making available for download in a few different colors. I have a few tweaks to do to it yet, but watch for that in the near future.

The third site is for a childrens book and I’m still working on it. I will be helping them with Social Media promotion as well. You know, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help them promote their brand and better interact with their fans. I’m pretty excited about it.

Don’t worry, I’ll share that one with you too as soon as I can. As well as the other stuff. Just keep your fingers crossed.

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