Playing with the Storm, part 2

A few more notes about the BlackBerry Storm. So it’s known, I am totally diggin’ this phone.

  • In the box BlackBerry included power adapters for Europe, UK and Japan (or airplanes, not sure). Nice.
  • Also in the box were a set of crappy ear buds that have a microphone on them. I might find something better. And a USB cable to hook to my computer. Yes it charges.
  • The SurePress works pretty well. It’s a bit slower to respond than I would like but there are settings I can tweak for that. Being a touch screen guy I can say that it is exactly like a capacitive resistive panel. Touch to highlight, press to select.
  • The media player is pretty sweet. I loaded up some songs I bought from Amazon and a few episodes of Top Gear. Audio playback is awesome! Dare I say better than my iPod Nano. Video playback is slightly jerky on fast moving things (hands clapping for example) but not so bad that’s it bothers you.
  • It has a 1/8″ headphone jack. This is new to me since most other VZ media phones have that useless 1/16″ headphone jack (or whatever size it is).
  • The accelerometer is a bit slow to rotate the screen. And it gets confused if you are holding the phone in your lap. I’m hoping a software update cures this.
  • Sync’ing with the mac has been problematic. I’ve been trying PocketMac and so far it’s only been able to sync once. I’m going to try one more uninstall/reinstall before I pony up for Missing Sync.
  • Call quality is great!
  • Email/messaging is awesome. I’m sure not as elegant as the ATP, but I think it’s pretty good.
  • Applications install easily. I only have a few so far. Waiting for QiK and a decent twitter client. Twitterberry is ok, but it doesn’t understand that the screen can go landscape.
  • Battery life seems to be epic. Fully charged last night, watched a bit of top gear and listened to a few songs, plus left it on all night and I was only down 1 bar of battery life. Pretty sure this phone will go all day and then some on a charge.

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