Pay Attention

Hi. My name is Don Burnside. That’s D-o-n. Hard D (like dog), long short o (like, um, on) and the n sound.

My name is not Tom, Dan or Todd. Clearly, there is a difference. Also, my name is not spelled Dawn. It would be if I had different body parts.

My last name is spelled exactly the way it sounds as you can see above. Not Bernside. And if you are too stupid to spell it, don’t ask me. It’s embarrassing.

I know I talk fast, but I enunciate my words fairly well. Especially, you know, my name.

So pay attention for craps sake. I’m tired of correcting you.

Ok, begin the jokes now. I’m heading to the office.

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Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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  1. I’ve gotten Jumpin, Jaupin, Juppin, and Hoo-pin for my last name. Also, when we switched our cable provider I received a pro-rated check made out to “Chans Jumpin.”

  2. I like Chans. In fact, all future references to CJ will no long be CJ, it will be Chans.

    Hope you like the new nick! πŸ˜‰

  3. Don’t even get me started on what folks do with my last name…

    Although a few months ago I was introduced before a class as having graduated college Magna Cum Latte… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a decaf grande one either…

  4. doh! thanks for the correction. I was pretty bent and got confused. I knew a teacher would set me straight!

  5. oh no J/C used the “i” word…

    You mind if we call you Donny?

    Maybe you should legally change your name to db. Just db, as in Cher, Madonna, etc. You know, with you being an intarnets rock star and all…

  6. Chans works…oh, here’s another- our address is Big Sky Lane- when repeated, I’ve heard “Bacon Sky” “Bird Sack” and “Bag Sky”- stupid South.

  7. I am convinced that every Don hates, absolutely hates, the name Donny. And yet every Don will invariably get called Donny by his friends because they like saying it. That has been my previous experience with Dons.

    Chans, Bacon Sky Lane sounds delicious. I wish to live there. However, I would avoid the bird’s sack.

  8. There are a very few people on this earth that are allowed to call me donny. None of them read w(t)f.

    It’s not that I mind it, because I do, it’s what I was called when I was a wee lad.

    Don’t like donald either. I always feel like I’m in trouble when I’m called that.

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