I have many other things to deal with right now, but first, a quick rant about the parking situation at my office.

They just completely repaved and restriped the lot. Before, it was faded and full of compact spaces that nobody could fit in. Parking was a disaster, to say the least.

Now, it’s chock full of fresh asphalt goodness and fresh stripes.

But parking still sucks!

Before: I would have to squeeze inbetween 2 SUV’s and barely have enough room to open my door.

After: I still barely squeeze between 2 cars and have a rough time opening my door.

It’s not the lot, it’s the parking.

Ok people, it’s not that tough. Your buddy db is here to help!

When parking in a striped parking lot, the stripes work best when you treat them as guides. Between which you park your car. Not on the stripes. Not on the other side of the stripe for your space. No. Between the stripes for the space you picked.

There are 68 parking spaces in this lot. I actually checked this morning and there were 14 cars that were incorrectly parked.

All it takes is 1 to mess it up for everyone else. So pay attention, ok? Sheesh.

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