parking lots

This is one that has been bothering me/annoying me/pissing me off for quite a while now.

Why are people so stupid in parking lots?

When I go to a store that has a parking lot, I park my car in the space (between the white lines) and go into the store. When I’m done in that store, I go back out to my car, load my purchases into the boot of the MINI, get in, start the car and leave.

I don’t:
~Start the car and sit there while I make a phone call
~Get out, mess with something in the back seat, then get back
~Re-organize the CD’s I have with me alphabetically
~Look for something in the center console

This agravates me more than anything else. People, get in your car, start your car, and GO! This especially applies if you are in one of the more f’ed up lots (and you know which I am talking about) that is especially busy. Nothing worse than having to sit there for a minute, waiting for a space that is a solid 1/4 mile from the store, waiting while you are doing something OTHER than vacating the space!

Also, for you lamer cell phone users, parking lots are BY FAR the worse place for you to use them. You think that because you are driving slower that you are doing it better than normal? I think not! I can’t tell you how many times in the last month I’ve almost been hit by a parking lot cell phone user that was just too f’ing stupid to pay attention!

Just knock it off will ya’?

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  1. Relatedly annoying… seeing a cute girl pull up and park, you decide to dawdle a bit so you can admire her when she gets out, but she just sits there doing who knows what for 10 minutes.

    No, I’m not a stalker, honest.

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