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yes, yet again I find myself grabbing what I think are good posts from my site and again having to bring them back. oh well. I’m going to post, in order, the music services reviews. I might make some changes, but they will be here.

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first an update:
after downloading a few tracks from musicmatch, turns out that they are mp3pro files, not wma’s. also turns out that musicmatch, for right now, can’t burn these tracks into cda. made a nice pile of coasters trying to figure this out. I did get a list of things to try from support, so I’m not giving up yet.

All tracks downloaded from iTunes have been successfully burned to CD then ripped back to MP3 with minimal if any quality loss, at least not that I can really tell, but I have yet to test on the home stereo.

Since I pre-reg’ed for Napster, I got the email tonight plus 5 free tracks, so I went ahead and gave it a go. first of all the version I used it a plug-in for windows media player 9. If you don’t like that, then don’t use the plug-in. I have feelings neither here nor there about it, so that’s the way I did it. install was a snap and wmp started as soon as the plug-in was installed and I was browsing tracks. took less than 5 minutes.

after the first 2 minutes of browsing wmp did crash and required a restart. after that I spent a solid hour checking it out without any problems.

the selection of tracks to appears to be on par with iTunes, which is way more than musicmatch has. browsing was much better than musicmatch as well and as good as iTunes. Download speeds were on par with the others.

Since napster is now a roxio product, it also installs roxio cd burning software to wmp, which is about the worst (IMO) cd burning software on the market today. I tried to burn the 5 tracks to cd using it and it crashed no less than 4 times. I finally gave up but will try again after a system restart. the tracks are wma’s and I was able to open them in musicmatch to play, but not burn. it would appear that it is the same problem as the downloaded tracks from musicmatch. not good. looks like I’ll try the list from support and see what happens.

Overall, so far if I had to pick 1 service to use, I am sorry to say that iTunes is the winner. This is based primarily on the fact that it worked, the first time, without any hoop jumping or alligator surfing. If you are bit more brave, and technologically minded, then give napster a go.

This all changes if I can get napster to burn. If it wasn’t for that, this would be my new best friend. tracks are easy to find, easy to sample and easy to purchase. quality is great as well.

I’ll update after I check some things out.

spammers please note
Now, I realize that you are going to send more more f’ing email than I could possibly know what to do with, and all of it will be crap or a relatively close proximity thereof. but, if you are going to do it, at least take the f’ing time to do it right eh?

A couple of big ones here gang:
1. Spelling counts – You are trying to make some money, let people know that you really don’t live in that trailer with the broken rear window that you have repaired with red tape and the cable spool in the front.
2. if you are going to have links, for craps sake make sure that they are VALID! you might want to double check rule #1.
3. If you are going to ask for something, do it right away! don’t make me click through 4 or 5 pages of bullshit to find what you want me to give you money for. if you are going to waste my time, make it quick at least, ok?
4. Originality. something to be said for that idea that no one has yet to come up with. Maybe you are selling popsicle stick figurines at eBay, or possibly mime self portraits. These are a good start. Penis enlargement, refinancing, porn or pretending to be an out of country dignitary willing to help me make millions just doesn’t cut it anymore.
5. Make sure that you are using the correct language and the lettering. Nothing worse than getting spam that I can’t read because you decided to use the russian language pack.

Other than that, if you could possibly see it in your hearts to actually get out and find a real job that will reduce the amount of spam that myself and all of my friends and family members get, I would consider it a favor and will reward you handsomely.