On Traveling

So, I did a little bit of travelling this week. Not being the most seasoned at that any more, it’s always a lesson in patience, frustration and boredom, as that tweet above might allude to.

The biggest problem that I have is flying. I will be 100% honest and come clean. I don’t like to fly. That’s not entirely correct. Flying is ok, it’s the taking off and, sometimes, landing that I’m less than a fan of. Especially if there is weather.

Which I encountered on all three legs of my journey this week. Rough air sucks. As do delays caused by threats of thunderstorms and tornados in Denver. I’m only too happy to chill and wait for that crap to pass, but some kind of heads up would be nice (I’m sure there is an app for that. Shut up.).

The delays were compounded by a delay mid flight as well. Flying into DIA, I have a feeling that there were over 20 flights equally delayed and stacked in patterns above the airport. My guess is when this happens they bust out the XBox 360 team, pump them full of Red Bull and tell them to put all of the planes on the ground. At the same time.

Not a problem unless you are trying to get a back from the carousel onto which bags from said 20 other flights are currently off loading. Or, overwhelming the poor fellas at the rental car desk that were trying to figure out why 30 people just walked in at 11:30 at night.

Overall the experience was ok. Just the delays drive me batty. Go check out the photos from MINI of Loveland now.

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