On Customer Service. Again

I’m writing you today because I actually have the time. You see, I _thought_ I had a 9:00AM appointment with one of my best customers. Turns out, I was mistaken and didn’t find out until I actually spoke to the customer 10 minutes prior to my arrival.

She speaks broken English but I have never had difficulty understanding a word she says. She is also a member, which means all of her information lives in a database someplace in Florida, referenced, I’m sure, by her telephone number or email address. Knowing that, why would anyone, in an unpleasant tone from what I understand, ask her to repeat her address so many times that she became frustrated, assumed the appointment did not get made and then **call someone else**? This is not rocket science.

This particular exchange is made equally frustrating by the fact that it actually cost me money. Sure, only $50, but right now $50 is $50 and I will take all that I can get. This is also made **even** more frustrating by the fact that she called me first, but I am not allowed to book appointments myself, so **I** had to direct her to the call center to do that.

Yet another frustration on top of more frustrations I have on a daily basis with this outfit. Why do you think I’m constantly trying to get work off of Twitter and Facebook? I make more money and control the experience, start to finish. If I can control everything, I know if there is a problem when the problem happens and can fix it. Except for one small detail.

There usually aren’t any problems.

If there is one thing that I know better than almost anything else it is how to take care of customers and how to retain those customers and keep them saying “I’ll be back”. It’s what I have been doing since I started working in 1984 and what I will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

Are you ready for that level of service? Let’s get started!.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at donburnside.com, host at whiteroofradio.com and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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