On Customer Service (again)

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A process battle that was started almost 3 weeks still isn’t completed. And that would be a security camera installation at work. Security cameras installed by ADT, since they also handle our alarm system and we were told the 2 work together quite nicely.

It all started with our sales rep and a walk-thru. A walk-thru that included a trip through our 50,000 sq/ft warehouse where we pointed out all 6 doors that we wanted to keep an eye on, hopefully with cameras mounted on the 20′ high ceiling. “Great!” he says. “No Problem!” he says. Check written, order placed, he says about a week to 10 days before the installation. Cool.

Installation day comes. I’m not notified about the date until the installers arrive. Turns out it didn’t matter since the sales rep neglicted to tell the installation department that we had a 50,000 sq/ft warehouse with 20′ ceilings. They would need a lift and cables that were longer than 60′. So, off they went to procure said items, hopefully to return the next day.

Another week passes before they returned. This time with a lift and 200′ cables. This time ready and rarin’ to go!

Except the wrong cameras were ordered. Yes, we would need the interior cameras to work in low light. Not to worry, they ordered replacements and would have them shipped “next day”. Meanwhile, they installed the cameras that were correct and ran all of the wiring.

Turns out, “next day” in the ADT world actually means 3-4 business days, if you are lucky. Also, wiring was not within the realm of expertise of my ADT installers. I have some experience with this and I can tell you that the job my guy did was pretty poor.

To make a long story short, I ended up having to call into ADT corporate support to get some help. However, it wasn’t very helpful. And they record all calls. A fact I know about since there is a very loud **BEEP** that is played during the call at 20 second intervals. They were able to give me the number for my local office (since I didn’t get it from either my sales rep or installer).

Ideally, I would have a recording from **that** call. Throughout my office I was hearing gasps and other exclimations as I proceeded to tell the manager at the local ADT office what I thought about his company, his sales staff and his installation department. You might say I was a little riled up. Then everyone was jumping. And apologetic. Seeming sincere, but not really.

Yet here I sit writing to you today with a camera system that is not 100% completely installed. Turns out one of the cameras was installed incorrectly, rendering it useless. And the wiring still pisses me every time I walk into the warehouse. It would appear that nobody at ADT really cares.

ADT is a security company. To me, they should be doing everything that they can to instill a feeling of security and professionalism into their customers. They did not do that for me. Instead, they left me feeling that my company was completely scammed out of a big pile of money with barely anything to show for it.

As I told the manager, if it were up to me I would pull every last piece of ADT gear out of our office and replace it with Protection One. Unfortunately, it’s not up to me (or, luckily, depending on what side of the fence you are on).

If you are in the market for a security system for your home or business, **do not** call ADT. I have never dealt with any company that was less professional, less competent or less caring than ADT. Scratch that, they do care. Care about taking your money and giving you the least amount of effort and service for it.

Call anyone else. Just don’t call ADT.

By Don

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