On Backing Up

Alternatively titled **Don’t let this happen to you**.

I’m a fan of backing up, we know this. For said backup duties, I rely on SuperDuper, which has been rock solid and _relatively_ problem free since I’ve been using it.

I say relatively because I have recently had a few issues with how it backs up. I am down to using a single, 1TB, external drive for backup and media storage. I didn’t think this was a problem at all. I even configured SuperDuper to not overwrite the drive, only the files. Problem free for about a month.

I went to re-edit a video and found it was gone. Not only was it gone, but everything else I was storing on that drive was gone as well. Great. So, I configured SuperDuper again, making sure it wasn’t overwriting the drive.

Fast forward about another month. All of my AMVIV video, all of the swim meet video and everything else I was again storing on that drive is gone. Crap. At least it’s not going to happen again.

Last night I reconfigured that drive. It’s now 2 partitions. The first is set to 320GB (which is the size of the drive on my iMac). The other partition is using the rest of the space and has been designated as my media drive.

If you too are trying to get 1 external drive to pull double duty, I would highly recommend doing this. Just in case.

By Don

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