Observations for a Tuesday

For those of you that missed it on the twitter, I am still not a fan of driving from Orange County, CA to my house.

Also if you missed it on the twitter, kids that live behind me decided my house would be good target for BB gun fire. Even after they shot one through the window. I think the free ride in a cop car from their house to ours convinced them it was a bad idea. I am also sure the cost of the window will help.

Old people think video, remember photographs. But I’ll drive up there anyway when I can to crawl around in an attic to double check.

I probably would have missed traffic if I would have left earlier. But Grandma made liver for me for dinner. Couldn’t pass that up. /me likey liver. Yes with onions. And bacon. Good stuff!

I have a few photos I need to upload. Maybe tomorrow.

I have some video I need to process and upload. Maybe tomorrow.

I’ve moved pressd. donburnside.com/pressd is where you will find it now. More on this later in the week.

To the old dude at Starbucks wearing the shear-almost-too-tight-white shirt. Ew.

Grand Dad drinks Bloody Mary’s with Tequilla. Don’t think I wasn’t tempted. If it weren’t for the fact that tequilla makes me miss flights, I might have tried it.

People look at me funny in traffic as I sing along to the iPod. Hey Mr. Comb Over, wtf?

2 nights of record breaking bad sleep in a row. I know, I’m on a roll. I’m hoping to break that trend.


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