Now that’s power

Leo Laporte just finished his 24 hours of iPhone coverage.

24 hours.

Over at, for those of you that don’t know, he broadcasts all of his podcasts via video live, plus a few extra things. Besides the iPhone coverage, he is currently building the ultimate gaming PC, 1 component at a time. When it’s done, he’ll be giving it away to a lucky viewer.

But, back to the iPhone.

Like I said, he just finished. Dare to guess how many viewers were watching when he was done? 7115. Yes, over 7,000 viewers. I tuned in last night at around 9:30 and he had over 6,800. That is truly amazing.

iPhone + Leo = unstoppable?

Ok, which of you suckers bought one?

By Don

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I watched/listened to it for about an hour and thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw 8100 viewers at one point.

    No iPhone for me today, which is just as well given all the stories of people having to wait hours to be able to use their new toy. Ouch.

  2. I stook in line for about 30 minutes and only saw 10 people (out of about 300) go in…Apple guy said 2 hours easy waiting. I might try later tonight after dinner. (btw- Apple Store at Perimeter mall, Atlanta, GA is a nightmare- all others beware!)

    At least 2.0 software is working snazzy on my current phone- although iTunes was acting like a gang-bang victim this morning.

  3. Ha ha, when I checked out the Apple store at lunchtime there must have been 150 people still waiting, and more joining as I watched. A guy I work with was near the front, maybe 30 or so away from the door. Just spoke to him, 2 hrs later, and he is still not inside, but probably only 20 to go.


  4. What I don’t understand is people’s desire to have one NOW. I mean, dude… they survived this long without one, waiting another month or so won’t kill you :-/

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