Not sure if any of you saw my review of the new Yahoo! Messenger yet:




Full review can be found here.

I’ve tried everything. I have completely uninstalled everything Yahoo on my system except for the music engine. I have stopped every service except Windows. It doesn’t work.

So, for those of you getting asked to upgrade to 7.5 or even try the 8.0 beta (on windows), I’d hold off for the time being. But, that’s just me.

Oh yea, look for me on MSN or AIM instead when I’m home. Yahoo will only be on the lappy for a spell I believe.

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  1. Trillian…

    Ditch AIM (especially the last bloated release) and Yahoo… I moved back to Trillian when I got my new laptop and haven’t looked back…

    I’ve never been a fan of Yahoo Instant Messenger, always thought it was a resource hog, I haven’t been to happy with AIM since they started adding those two bots to my buddy list, and now they’re forcing multimedia ads down too… Don’t even get me started on Triton!

    Trillian signs me in to AIM and MSN (because I don’t watch my old Yahoo account) and best of all doesn’t gobble a ton of resources. The only thing I don’t like is that it has a tendency to randomly dump the MSN connection…

  2. I used to use Trillian back in the day, then it got unweidly and I got too cheap to pay for the pro version. I actually prefer to use the open source Gaim instead.

    But, I have MSN for it’s cam and voice capabilities and Yahoo has the best photo sharing gizmo ever invented for IM! But for normal chat, Gaim is it for me.

    Oh yea, no way I’m EVER going to use Triton. I get enough ads everywhere else.

    What I really need is to start getting people to use google chat. There IM client is sweet and, as a bonus, all chats are logged in gmail and are searchable! Very very cool indeed.

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