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Non-Alcholic Beer?

For those that have been playing the home game, you already know that I am a fan of craft beer. I have checked into 1048 beers on untappd, 679 of those unique. This includes at least 3 that are non-alcoholic/near beers.

Of late, me and drinking haven’t been getting along. If it’s evening, my new limit is 1 unless I want to have issues sleeping or otherwise feel icky. If I have 2, I’m probably still ok if it’s early. If I have three, forget it. Day time I’m still ok, but that’s giving me more time to let the alcohol get out of my system. This is definitely an age thing as almost everyone that I discuss this with agrees and has similar issues with The Booze.

“Dammit!” he says. “I really like my drinks!” he says.

A good friend of mine decided it was time to start sampling NA beers. I was able to taste some of the offerings he started with, and it was a very unpleasant experience. This was a few months ago, and since there has been a lot of improvement.

Let’s start with the beers pictured above. They are all from the latest Brewdog Mix Pack that I picked up at my local Total Wine. I’ve only sampled the three that you are seeing, and every one of them is a winner! Not a “that’s interesting, not drinking again” winner, but a legit, I’m-glad-there-are-more-in-the-fridge winner! The Nanny State actually had me, and my wife, fooled. If you would have told me this was a light beer from a craft brewery, I would have believed it!

So when you see me check in to an NA beer on Untappd, don’t worry, my account wasn’t hacked. It was me, getting my (NA) beer on.

3 thoughts on “Non-Alcholic Beer?

  1. Good for you! I’ve tried many, and my favorites are 1) Athletic Brewing Company (golden ale is good) and 2) sam adams just the haze (honestly, this one tasted good and juicy!). Other than beer, if you like fizzy/fermented without the alcohol, I’d recommend GT’s Kobucha – my favorites are the Gingerade and the Trilogy. I would post links but don’t want to get spam-bot rejected!

    1. Thanks for the reqs and reminder about Kombucha! I’ve had little experience with those, seems like a good time to re examine.

  2. Coming back since I have since sampled all 4 in this pack. I can say that they are winners! The last one was Punk AF, a crispy, hoppy-ish, citrus-ish beverage with a slightly funky scent and bitter finish. It’s definitely IPA adjacent, definitely will be consumed again!

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