no post today

I’m still mad about the log spam, but I’ve found a fix and will be shutting those idiots down tomorrow probably. I’m almost over it, thanks to a really great bottle of pinot noir. Yea yea, so what if it’s a school night, this was a good bottle of wine.

The good lad Josh arrives for a visit on Friday. Should be fun. He wants to lick a Bentley at the car show on Saturday. Don’t worry, pics will be posted.

Great episodes of West Wing tonight. Why is it again are you not watching this show?

I’m surrounded by people who would rather bitch than fix. No worries, thanks to a really great bottle of pinot noir.

The RIAA is pissing me off. saying that their lawsuit scare has cut back on illegal music downloads. I say it’s iTunes, Napster and the multiple flavor of MMJB floating around instead. iTunes is claiming 30M downloads so far! at a buck a pop? no too shabby.

Xbox players…check out Project Gotham Racing2. It’s a great game! I can’t stop playing, eventhough I had a really great bottle of pinot noir tonight.

Most peeps in CA are all bent about the new imigration laws the president is sending down. Really tho, are they going to go out and pick fruit/vegetables or wash dishes for $6.75 an hour? I don’t think so. They should get back on their cell phones and climb into their SUV’s so they can prepare to cut me off again in the morning. There is more too this I know, but I had a really great bottle of pinot noir tonight.

I guess that’s about it.

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