New Year, New Theme

I just spent the last month and change doing what I used to do with some frequency, and that is creating a new WordPress theme. The rust layer over those skills was not as thick as I expected, which worked out very well. “New theme” I say? Yes! You are soaking in it!

It is very basic. Very simple. You might also say that it is boring. That is the way I wanted it.

I’ve been using off-the-shelf themes for a while. While they are all pretty nice, they are also very bloated and overly complex for my use. I need to display words and audio players and images. I don’t need a bunch of gizmos or post types or a zillion widgets. I need something reliable and fast. That is something I wasn’t finding with the pre-built themes.

Who among us has visited one of my sites only to discover it won’t load due to the dreaded 500 error? That was because of those themes and how they interacted with one of the most popular and actively used plug-ins; Jetpack. I got tired of removing/replacing that plugin. They also had issues with caching plugins. It’s been making me crazy.

Technically, I didn’t build this entirely from scratch. I used a very nice theme generator to do the buik of the heavy lifting. From there, I nipped and tucked and tweaked and will continue to do so until it’s where I want it to be.

I’ll be using this theme for all of my sites. Besides here, it is already running at Ride Bikes Radio. I’ll be rolling it out to the rest of the sites, including a few new ones, over the next week or 2.

Hopefully this will return the reliability to my sites, which will make me not dread opening them, which will make me write more. All wins in my book.

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