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I’m done spending money, I promise! You honestly think that I could just stop at the new BBQ? Of course not!

Out and about today. Decided I needed to make a stop at Crevier BMW to check out the new X3. Pretty slick little truck right there friends. I didn’t take a test drive or anything, but I did sit in it, open all of the doors and all that. It was plenty comfy for me, and I could still sit in the backseat behind me. Drop the rears seats flat and I swear a sheet of plywood would fit back there. Moving on…

About a month ago, my boss decided it was time for her to get a new computer at home. As it turns out, she went Mac (don’t worry, I tried), which left her with an unused Dell Dimension P4 1.6 with a real dodgy load of ME on it. She asked if I knew anyone that would want it, and of course I did! Not for me, but the lad was WAY over due for a new machine (his last was an old HP running a Celeron 500). She said that since it was going to be for him, my price would be FREE! Love it when that happens.

But, what was I going to do with an ME box running 128MB of RAM? Your are correct. Absolutely nothing. So, I added 512MB of RAM and XP Pro. That’s a sweet machine now!

The lad’s room is at the far end of the house, and I’m too lazy to pull CAT5 back there. So wireless it is. But, my access point (3 year old Linksys) decided to give up the ghost.

Crevier, as it happens, is right around the corner from my other technology store: MicroCenter. Neat little store, much less volume that Fry’s. If Fry’s is the Home Depot of technology, then this place is the OSH.

But they had a good deal on a new access point (which I needed). Linksys again, but this one support the 802.11g & b. I also needed external storage.

Not that the 40 GB drive in my old PIII wasn’t enough, but it wasn’t enough. I was down to less than 2GB free space, and needed something pretty quick. External Storage to the rescue! Picked up a 160GB USB2.0/firewire drive for a good price! One minor hiccup is that I am not running USB2.0 OR firewire. The device still works, but when is that last time you pushed about 38GB of data over a USB line? You could say it is time consuming, but honestly it takes longer than that.

Next up? New laptop for me and coversion of the PIII Box in a 2k/03 Server. I’ll keep ya posted.

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