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Testing another app

Playing with a few things, changing a few things, updating a few things.

A couple of new apps this week. The first I heard about on Mac Break Weekly called Shape Collage. You can read the write up at dbmini. I know I know, I don’t normally post software reviews there, but most of the readers carry camera and they still out-number you 2:1.

Second app I’m playing with is called DoubleTwist. It’s an app for getting media to your device of any shape (mp3 players, phones, game consoles) and for sharing with your friends. I don’t see a real need for this on the ATP, but if you have anything else that holds media, it might be worth checking out. Full write-up to follow after I play with it some more.

Oh yea, both of these run on Windows and Mac. So go nuts.

More playing with HD and I’m starting to get the hang of it, or at least I think I am. In case you missed it, you can see the latest on Vimeo and YouTube (be sure to click HD).

Why did I post to both? I wanted to see which is better. I still prefer Vimeo over YouTube since it has a nicer player, but YouTube allows a larger file size and I can upload more than 1 HD video a week (without paying). If I start to post a lot of stuff in HD, I might opt for the ‘Pro’ account at Vimeo. I also posted this video at Viddler and the results were very good.

That is the exact same file I put on Vimeo and YouTube. Not too shabby I think.

Finally, I started playing with the Tumblr again. I’ve changed it so that the only going there are photos from Flickr, links from Delicious and video from everywhere. That will change to be Viddler only I believe. Next up will be integrating that into and then I will start using it for random videos and links and all that. Keep an eye out for that to happen soon.

And I have finally managed to get an interview at the end of next week. Details on my Facebook page. Good interview JuJu my way if you please (and can spare it).

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