New playlist and a new year

Was in the mood today for something slightly different than what I usually listen to. Check it out.

Otherwise I’m just really bored. had a good week, due mostly to the fact that I actually got to do my job instead of accounting research.

I think that year I will make some changes along those lines. I’m really going to try to keep up with the side jobs coming in, especially web site stuff. At the same time I’m going to start sending my resume out. Maybe I can find something that’s a little closer to home so I:
a.) Don’t have to spend 3 hours in my car everyday
b.) Can get home at a reasonable hour at night, even if I work a *long* day
c.) Save he miles on the MINI.

The decison was made to not acknowledge the lass’ birthday (next month). After the Christmas ignore, figure it’s time. Just trying to be neighborly is all. I mean, she could have dropped a note in the mailbox that said thanks, right? It wasn’t anything at all really. Just a Starbucks gift card and Christmas Music CD. Just a little something since, while she was around, I did have the 3 best months of the entire year, shortly after having the 3 worst.

Ok, enough. The wine is telling me to go to bed, and I think I’m going to obey.

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