New iPhone – Who’s gonna get one?

The more I read/hear about the new 3G iPhone, the more I’m convinced that AT&T is not the wireless provider for me and feel bad for all of those suckers people that are about to get one because it’s cheaper than the original.

I was also looking at a coverage map for AT&T’s 3G coverage. It looks pretty sparse.

(blue is better)

Like I said, pretty sparse. In comparison, Verizon’s highspeed network coverage looks a little better, but not by much.

(again, blue is better)

So, with the not-that-great of coverage and the extra expense in getting the phone (1 iPhone account costs more than what I pay for 2 phones on Verizon without data), I wonder how many of these are going to sell.

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s a new Apple device. The flock will rush out first thing Friday morning and buy them in droves. And then, they will go home, take pictures of the unboxing and start complaining. That they don’t have 3G coverage. The monthly cost is too high. The plastic feels funny. It’s 100% predictable.

As bad as AT&T is, it’s a bazillion times better than Rogers, who is so bad that Apple won’t even be selling iPhones in the Canadian apple stores and have severely limited the supplie to Rogers (to the tune of 10-20 phones per store). From Appleinsider.

>Apple, disgusted with Rogers Wireless for dumping egregious service plans on would-be iPhone 3G buyers, has decided that its Canadian retail stores will have no part in helping the carrier market the new handset to customers, AppleInsider has learned.

>As a result, Canadian Apple Retail stores won’t be selling the new 3G touchscreen phones come Friday, representatives for the Cupertino-based company said during a private conference call on Monday evening. Instead, it will be up to Rogers and its partner Fido to lock subscribers into steep 3-year contracts that require a minimum monthly payment of $60 for just 150 minutes, 75 text messages, and 400MB of data.

I’ll just keep saving for my iPod touch. Besides, I’m really diggin’ the new LG En-V that just came out. I only wish there was support for Gmail, but that’s for another post.

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  1. I want a device with GPS and real internet anywhere I go, no phone, no tunes. But nothing comes close to that other than the iPhone. And even if they did, we know it would look like crap and be crippled by an interface that my dog could out-design. So I’ll suck it up and get an iPhone when the crowds thin out…. unless someone gets a move on and does a cool Android phone with Safari..

  2. Ok, its like you wrote this post just for me 😉

    Luckily, I’m one of the suckers that has 3g coverage (one of a few pros from living in Atlanta- the other being that alton brown lives here, too).

    I know it’s not much better than the original. Yes, I’ll take unboxing photos. I already have a flip music video idea for the unboxing. However, this situation works fine for me since my wife’s contract with tmobile is ending and she was planning on switching to at&t anyway..I can pass along the 1st gen iPhone to her.

  3. I think wives and girlfriends all around the world are getting hand-me-down iPhones this month. I shan’t be getting a 3G iPhone, at least not until I can get me some 3G action. I refuse to pay for a service that I can’t possibly get. Rumor has it that within a year we’ll have 3G here, though just because an AT&T sales rep says it, doesn’t make it true.

    Paul, you might be better served by looking into the Garmin Nuvifone, when it comes out. It’s got proper GPS, not the lesser GPS that the iPhone has, and wifi. Oh, and a phone.

  4. The nuvifone looks good but I really like the idea of writing my own apps for my phone, like I could with the iPhone or Android.

    Probably what I want is an Apple PDA based on the iTouch or something similar. Steve, are you reading??

  5. >Steve, are you reading??

    Really? You think Mr. Jobs _might_ read wtf? That’s pretty strong Paul. Thanks!

    But really, of all of the IPs, I’m pretty sure none of them belong to Apple.

  6. I’m sure Steve would’ve left a comment about it over at if he were reading my friends’ blogs 😉

  7. I’ll be one of those getting a 3G on Friday. I’ve been waiting for this since my contract with Verizon expired back in January.
    As for 3G coverage, I’m only concerned with having a working phone here in SoCal and Chicago. (of course, being able to check email and/or post to Flickr between Chitown and L.A. would be a plus.)

  8. Left apple store at 1:45am with no iPhone. AT&T servers shut down at 1:30am. Near riot at the store. Waited 6 hours- no phone. Serves me right.

  9. Waited 3 hrs at local AT&T store here in SoCal. Got home with 8GB brick. Took about 3 hrs before I finally had a working gizmo.
    But it ROCKS!

  10. @Chris ugh. At least you got a golden ticket. I’ve read a bunch of horror stories today about that. Nightmare.

    @J/C congrats on the non-bricked phone.

    Anyone try Pandora out yet? That is actually something that would almost get me to switch back to AT&T. _almost_

  11. Saw the articles on Pandora. Considering it.
    After finally figuring out Twitterific on iPhone, it works like a champ.
    Exposure really is cool, especially when combined with GPS service. It shows Flickr pics that were shot nearby.
    Still haven’t messed with Remote however.

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