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I’ve never been one for kitchen gadgets that one would include in a category called “As Seen on TV”. Give me a good knife or 3, a nice set of pans and your typical set of tools and I’m a happy guy. Nice and simple, nice and easy. I prefer my time in the kitchen actually, you know, cooking, not messing around with gadgets.

Until I came across this. We had professional versions when I worked in restaurants that cost 100’s of dollars. The fancy kitchen stores sell this for $60 – $75. This image of pure white and danger has become mine for the princely sum of $15 from And I like it.

I say danger because this thing is covered in sharp edges. The plastic holder is covered in rose bush like thorns. The stainless steel blades are practically begging to chew flesh. This is the most danger than you can have for such a small amount of money.

And I like it.

Did my first run today after opening it and washing it. As you can see above, it made _interesting_ work out of an apple with the thin ribbon blade. I ate the apple, but it would have been a good cut to carmelize them in a pan to use as a topping for grilled pork.


My second run was more typical. A red potato, a yellow squash and a carrot with the larger sized ribbon cutting blade. It did what it says on the tin, making quick work of the vegetables, creating curly fry style cuts. I have to say I’m impressed so far.

Next up with be to try the slicing blade. With the ribbon blade and carrots, you need monster carrots for it to work as expected. I think with the slicing blade I will get good results with them and apples, or anything really.

So yea. I have a unitasker in my kitchen. And I’m ok with that.

By Don

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  1. Neat! Are you going to use it to thinly slice veggies like zucchini and carrots and use them as a substitute for pasta? I’ve been thinking of getting a spiral slicer to try that.

    1. Exactly! It works well with apples too. I expect a zucchini pasta dish this week. I’ll report back when it’s done!

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