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Like I mentioned in the last video hour (you really should watch), I have some changes planned for this site for 2009 that might or might not envolve you, the fine reader.

To start, the Personnel Directory page has been newly created for 2009. Much like the old Cast of Characters page at w(t)f, it’s a list of the regular players her in the Solutioneering Empire.

Would you like a position here at It’s not an actual job, which means there isn’t actual money to pay you or provide benefits, but it is fun. If you check out the list you will see that it is the people that play along here more than the rest, mostly in the comments of the posts or in the video. That’s it. I would like to add more, but that depends entirely on you. So get to commenting!

Did you make the list but don’t want to be on it? Let me know. Have a funnier photo I could use? Let me know. Want to re-write your description? If it’s funny and short, let me know!.

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