NBC Could have been the First

Olympic fever has struck! Well, kinda.

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When in reality, there are closer to 300 events happening in the UK for the Olympic Games. Something you would never know if you aren’t subscribed to a pay TV service, which I’m not. Not a problem, I’ll just try one of the apps or use the Olympics website.


While in theory the idea of being able to watch live coverage of the Olympics from a portable device is brilliant. Especially when you take into account the difference in time and the lack of coverage NBC is providing over the air. There is, however, one small problem accessing those live streams at the official Olympics website.

They require a pay TV account. #facepalm

This is yet another place where NBC really dropped the ball. If I was in charge, I would have brought to the table an idea so far out of the box for that industry, it would have blown everyone’s socks off and probably gotten me fired. Why not offer a paid subscription to the Olympic coverage via official channels? Set a price of $20 and give full access to all of the live coverage. Or, sign-in via your pay TV service of choice.

They could have done it first. They could have set the standard for what I believe TV will be in the future. Not only that, but really big news has been made about how NBC really doesn’t care about it’s viewers, only about the insane amount of money they are making from their coverage. If they would have given me a way to pay for the coverage, they could have made a little bit more. So the money arguement is a moot point.

I look forward to the day when **everyone** in screen content producing industries get it. They can make money, retain control over their content and let their “customers” enjoy the content how and when they like. It can happen and I hope it happens sooner than later.

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