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Change are always difficult. Not only are they difficult, they might not always work out as expected. Changes are something that used to happen here all the time, as this is usually my test bed for all of the other sites that I run.

So, changes?

With all of the podcast action happening these days, part of my promotional loop will be for those shows to get posted here. Instead of flooding the home page with those posts, I’ve moved that category off to the side where it says podcasts, much like I have done with all of the recipes. Just because you aren’t seeing those in the main feed, doesn’t mean nothing is happening! Heck, I’ve posted the latest episode of The Hollywood Car Show and the next episode of Ride Bikes Radio will be published tomorrow.

While it has been a bit since I’ve posted a new recipe, my wife and I have been actively using recipes we have found on the internet that have been really good, which means I’ll be translating those for you very, very soon!

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