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Sure I may not be full-time employed, but I do have an office. Actually, I have about 15 of them. I really could use something else.

Sure hangin’ out at Starbucks is cool, and with my FIOS access to WiFi, it doesn’t cost me anything to connect to the tubes so I can get a few things done. But, hangin’ out at a Starbucks can be distracting.

There is music that I don’t like. Loud talking Mom’s enjoying the freedom they are again getting during the day. Even the occassional screaming child or hyper 3 year old. If the distractions are minimal, I can usually tune them out. But it’s hard when there is a small child bouncing off the chairs and repeating themselves while the parental unit tries to carry on a conversation about the latest gossip.

I keep hoping, watching, waiting for someone, anyone, in the Temecula to start a co-working facility. It’s like an office rental, but not really. More like a Starbucks, but without the distractions and a copy machine. I keep looking, but the best I can find is office sub-letting, and that’s exactly what i don’t want and can’t afford.

If someone where to open a place, offer WiFi and a coffee pot, and charge me $20 per day to use a chair, I would gladly pay.

Or maybe I’ll start one myself. Now, where would I find funding?

By Don

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  1. That’s a great concept. I wonder if there’s anything like that here in the Twin Cities. I’d love to start up something like that for creatives doing freelance work. Have a mockup room with a spray booth and all that jazz. WiFi, and even a conference room that people could book client presentations. Funding…yes funding would help.

  2. There are quite a few of these places popping up all over, just not in Southern CA. The closest one I can find to where I am is 60 miles away. The wrong way too.

    Thanks for the link Greg. I have it bookmarked already, but hopefully everyone else can use it too.

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