My New Favorite Thing

Quite possibly my newest favorite thing. I’ve been using it long enough to actual talk about it here, in the hope that you will also adopt it as your newest favorite thing. And it’s called That stands for **If This Then That**. Very simple, very logical. It allows you to do something with one of your internet services and then make it do something with another. As an example:

>_If_ a new photo **gets posted to Instagram** _then_ **post it to Flickr** using the data from the Instagram post and these tags that I specify.

While the possibilities aren’t endless, they are pretty close. And I’m finding uses for this everyday. There is a good chance that you are reading this because you saw a link on my Facebook page. My nerd machine did that. If you ever see my profile photo change on FB, you will also see it to change on Twitter. My nerd machine did that, too. It works with Instagram, Gmail, Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, RSS, LastFM, Evernote and more! If you can think it, it can probably do it.

Best part to all of this is that it’s free! And, since it awesome and free, I’m going to make it known right now that the second they offer a pro version that I can pay for to make sure that it sticks around for as long as possible I’m in.

The first time you log into you might be overwhelmed. Not a problem because it’s also social! Other nerds have shared their “recipes” within the site to give you an idea of what it can do and give you some to get you started.

Worth checking out and worth giving your time too, is made from pure awesome and unicorn tears. You should try it out because I’m sure it will become your new favorite thing as well.

By Don

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