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Good days, bad days, long days, short days. We all have them. Today mine was long and mostly bad.

For those of you wondering, a MacBook can, in fact, drive a 30″ LCD display at 1900×1200 without a problem. I was actually quite amazed.

It’s too bad I won’t be editing on the mac. You did, in fact read that correctly. No. Editing. With. The. Mac. Here’s why.

iMovie edits pretty good. I’ve got importing of the .dv files down to only a few minutes for each. Perfect. Until it’s time to export that out to burn to a DVD. Today I ran my first reel through iMovie, cropped it and removed the background noise plus trimmed a bit here and there. When all was said and done, I was left with a little more than 10 minutes of video.

That was going to take almost an hour to export to the media browser so iDVD can see it. Yea, I don’t think so.

Ok, let’s give Windows Movie Maker a crack I say. I’ll just import one of these .dv files…(insert tire squealing from rapid application of the brakes here, followed by a very loud crashing noise). Guess what? Yea, WMM doesn’t comprede .dv files.

Of which there are 61.

I got lucky in that it didn’t actually take Visual Hub 6-9 hours to convert those files into wmv. It only took 220 minutes. Good thing because I was afraid I was going to have to leave the Mac there over night and possibly until Friday.

All of the transfers gave me plenty of time to listen to my grandfather get completely frustrated as he sent my almost 80 year old grandmother gallivanting all over town doing some banking. 3 banks spread out over about 20 miles or so. It was pretty. I say she needs a GPS. He agrees.

So my grandparents are now the proud owner of a TomTom 720. It’s all set up, almost all of the address my grandmother needs are in it and it works with her phone. Yes, it has full blue tooth support that works quite nicely.

There is also now a new flatbed scanner which I get to hook up on Friday that will be dedicated to scanning slides, negatives and photos. I’ll be doing that after giving my grandmother a lesson or 3 on working the GPS.

Of course there was dinner, but not after sitting through a bunch of the republican convention first. IMO, these conventions would be way more entertaining if they were less choreographed and fake and had more skantily clad cheerleaders and less politicians. That might just be me tho.

Tomorrow a short jaunt to San Diego to do a quick fix for a customer I have down there, then back to turn in an application and my resume with the school district. I have a guy on the inside, so maybe something will happen.

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  1. We got the 720 last December, it’s a great unit. Although we’ve actually stopped using it as a speakerphone because the microphone stinks.

    As frustating as the 510 was – it at least had an external microphone that worked well to isolate background noise, not so with the 710. It doesn’t have an option for an external microphone and isn’t so great at isolating background noise.

    Also beware of the mount with the 710. It can be tricky to attach it securely to the windshield. It may look secure, only to plummet to your lap unexpectedly while driving down the road…

  2. Not sure if I’m actually going to mount it in the car. More like let her put it wherever she wants it. Tested the phone part last night and it seemed to work ok. For her needs, it will be fine.

    So you are able to comment again it would appear? Or are you still pulling them out of the queue?

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