my birthday, good coffee and bad coffee

So, it was my birthday day before yesterday. I’m sure your cards and presents are in the mail and were held up by the day of mourning yesterday and the Memorial Day holiday. No worries. I appreciate your thoughts.

So, the lass and the lad (heretofore known as the Alex’s) took me out to dinner in San Diego. I’ve been dying to try this Italian Restaurant in little Italy. It doesn’t help that I’ve been staring at the menu for the last week developing their site. So, that’s where we go.

If you ever get down there, I highly recommend it! I had the lamb, which was served with a brown sauce with porchini mushrooms and roasted vegetables. Quite good. Of course we had a fantastic bottle of wine that I can’t remember the name of, but it will come to me.

After that, a quick trip up the street to a nifty little pub called Shakespears for a proper pint of Guiness (always tastes better from the tap) for me and an Irish Coffe for the lass. The lad had a sprite and was jonesin to play darts. You can always tell when someone really knows how to pour a pint of Guiness too. For those of you that don’t know, the foam that is produced by this fine elixir of the gods is super stiff, much like soft peaks in your whipped cream. This allows for the ability to actually overfill a glass without it running over.

After that a quick trip downstairs to a little coffee/gelato shop. Latte for me, gelato for the lad. Then a long trip home.

I’d give the experience 5 stars out of 5!

Then, just poking around this morning and brewed up a pot of coffee. And it sucked! Nothing worse than that.

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