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It’s really a shame I think.

Last week the Stevemeister rolled out some hot new Apple gadgets. Namely, a completely refreshed line of iPods, including the iPhone without the phone part, the iPod Touch.

It’s too bad nobody is talking about them.

First up on the list of ‘things people hate about the new iPods” is the $200 price drop to the iPhone. 66 days after it’s initial release. Call it what you want, apologize for Apple all you want, say prices drop all you want, but that’s ridiculous. 90 days, ok. Well, maybe. But to cut prices that much in such a short period of time, to me, was a real let down. I guarantee I will wait 90 days before buying any hardware from them in the future, quite possibly longer. This makes me sad too because I really was looking forward to shopping for a new iMac and iPod touch. Oh well, ’08 for me!

Number 2 on the list is the amount of storage in the iPod Touch. Like the iPhone, it’s 100% solid state. That means no moving parts. No moving parts means longer battery life and the ability to play video for more than 15 minutes. It does, also, mean, less storage capacity. That’s the way it goes gang if you want something that sleek and sexy. Would you still want the iPT if it were the same size (height, width and thickness) as the 160GB iPod? I seriously doubt it. Actually, it would have to be thicker than that to support the battery that would be required to run OSX, the touch screen and the hard drive.

There were some great products released last week. Too bad it was done in such a poor manner that nobody noticed.

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  1. Hmm… I disagree a little on a couple of things – I was on a boat in the middle of Alaska with no TV and still heard about the iPhone price redux and iTouch launch. And, I would very happily buy a thick version of the iPT if I could put all my music on it; 16Gb doesn’t work for me at all 🙁

    It was good to come back to work and give all the iPhone fools a ribbing for the price cut, though.

  2. Dell’s now selling laptops with 64 gig flash chips (one chip for an extra 740, two chips for only 1220!) so I’m sure the 64 gig nano is on its way…. Meanwhile, I wasn’t really caring about getting a new iPod until I saw the new Classic in person. That thing is damn skinny. I wonder if I could sell mine for enough to get a new one…. Hmmm.

  3. I’d take it in a heart beat if it was as thick as my current 40gb iPod Photo. by today’s iPod standards, that thing is like the motorola brick phone…

    Heck, i’d buy two…

    I stopped by the store last night, the Nano and the Classic, are freakishly thin, it’s crazy

    as for the price drop. Yeah that blows…

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