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Just killing a few minutes here before I go to bed…

From this video…does the leader singer for Sum41 look a lot like a very young Mickey Dolenz? Yes, that one. If you have to ask, click the link

I really have to see this movie…no, not a trailer, but a video from a clip from the movie Ray…swingin’!

This and this from the dept. of guilty pleasures…dumb like dirt? sure. First rate top notch bimbo’s the both of them, but when it comes to looks (BritBrit) and a not too shabby voice (Christina), this is the 1two punch that can’t be beat.

This guy just looks odd…but, I liked the song by Kings of Convenience to download the entire album. If you are looking for something poppy, but on the down low this one won’t disappoint.

This is a bit older…I have recently, thanks mostly to the movie Shawshank Redemption, developed an appreciation for Hank Williams. No, not Jr. The lyrics are simple, without being too hookey or overly religious. And, besides, you gotta love a good old timey slide geetar.

And finally this..’cause I got theroleyonmyarmandI’mpourin’Chandon…

I’m off for a few days to go out to the desert. No update probably until the end of the week. So, happy new years! Oh yea, be safe out there gang, remember, they don’t call it amatuer night for nothin’. G’s to the BizZacK!!1!

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