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I’ve been trying to use the Macbook as my primary machine for the last 2 weeks. So far, so good. I do have a few issues that I’m still trying to get over.

  • The lack of a forward delete key is driving me nuts.
  • The lack of a page up/page down key ability to use them is hard to find.
  • The fact that F5 doesn’t refresh. This was fixed, not adjusting volume requires the ctrl key. No sweat.
  • The size of the screws where the memory installs is insanely small. Do I have to take this to a jeweler to have them removed?
  • Getting a program, that is running, to reappear is turning into an issue. I end up having to close the program and restart it. What a pain. The Window option doesn’t always work for all programs either.
  • 3-key keyboard combo’s suck.

Later today I will be picking up a copy of Mac OSx for dummies or the book jSchwa recommended. That should help a ton!

There is one more thing that I’m finding to be a small problem. That is storage. Primarily, document, music and picture storage.

As it turns out, the Mac is as bad about hard drive size reporting as Windows. It’s a 80GB drive reporting as 74GB. Somehow, I have also already used 20GB of the space available, and that only for programs since I have less than 4mb of documents on here right now.

Over there on my Windows peecee, my documents folder weighs in at an impressive 120gb. I know, I really need to clean out some of the old crap, but whatever. Of that, my music folder is about 1/2, coming it at a svelt 64GB. But I only have 55GB of available space here.

So, for now, I’m just going to grab my iTunes folder (about 25GB, with podcasts), a few word docs and some excel spreadsheets.

Now I need a new drive.

Who would have ever thought an 80GB drive to be too small?

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  1. I remember back in the day when I was excited to have an 80 Gb drive. Anyways, you can get one of those tiny screwdrivers from Shopko or anywhere else for like 5 bucks. Just go to the optical section.

  2. I remember, when I young, having a conversation (read: arguement) with my Dad over my first computer. I wanted a 60MB hard drive and he said, “Do you honestly think you’d ever fill the 40MB one that comes with the computer?” I had two hard drives in that thing by the end of the 1st year with it. Yup, I filled it.

    (How is it that you don’t have an eyeglass screwdriver?)

  3. The first computer I had didn’t even have a hard drive 😉 Had to store everything on those big ass floppies.

  4. I just upgraded the memory on the MacBook yesterday. While not as easy as on the Dell, it was still fairly simple. Bonus is that the MacBook is SCREAMIN’ FAST now. No kidding.

  5. I don’t know how hard the memory upgrade is on the MacBook but doing it in my Mac Mini sure was fun. Apple sure knows how to stuff components into a tight space – and all without a fan and overheating.

  6. MBs and MBPs aren’t so bad for mem upgrades. My iBook was under the freakin’ keyboard LOL.

    I replaced the Drive on my ibook. It’s a PITA. Check out for a guide.

    I bought an MCE optiBay for my MBP had a local place do the job. I coulda, but the head ache of so many different sized screws was just not worth it LOL.

  7. piece of cake compared to the mini I’m sure. the only thing is that the screws were very very very small. but the memory was easy to access.

  8. It’s amazing how many people actually stick to the 512mb apple ships out (in terms of memory)…which this time last year the default config was 256! My wife’s g4 ibook has 768 and it only hiccups a little during the initial loading of dashboard or upon opening adobe illustrator…

    btw db- if you need office for mac let me know, i can probably hook you up.

  9. Thanks! I think I might have a resource for that, but if it doesn’t pan out, you’ll next on the list!

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