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I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately as far as music is concerned. None of my 450+ CD’s or almost 1K iTMS tracks have really been doing it for me lately. I’m just bored with music.

Driving back from Mom and Dad’s last week though had me listening to…(I’m almost embarrassed to say it)


Yea. Drive I40 from Needles to almost Barstow and that’s what you get. No spanish language stations. No god rock or preachers. Heck, the Highway Stations barely even come in on that stretch. But what you do get is country. 2 stations worth no less.

So, I listened.

Still sounds the same as it always has to me. But something about the lyrics have really kinda hooked me in. You know how it is with those songs. It’s all about the story.

There are 2 songs in particular from a guy by the name of Craig Morgan. 1 is called what I like about Sunday’s. Nice song. Simple.

The other is called Redneck Yacht Club. This song is awesome! If you can find, worth checking out.

Oddly enough, now I really want a boat!

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  1. oh oh oh…ye not reader of the w(t)f archives…itms is just where I buy my music.

    I’ve got over 6K mp3 files, mostly ripped from my CD’s and my itms purchases 😀

    Like I said, itms is just my store. Music Match is what I use for real music playing/cd burning

  2. I put a new hard drive in my PC this weekend and all my itms tunes are gone from my iPod. I didn’t reauthorise them before I updated the pod, I hope they are still on my hard drive.

    And my apologies for slighting your collection, you have way more itms-ware than I.

  3. You need to have an itms drive like jSchwa did. Heck, I’d kick down a few duckets. Read about the hard drive replacement, hope everything turns out ok.

    No worries on the slighting. My actual count of itms tracks is just south of 900, so I over exagerated a little 🙂

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