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Sometimes music for a movie just fits, right? All of the music for Harry Potter or Star Wars or Indiana Jones comes to mind.

Sometimes, however, the music doesn’t seem to quite work. Case in point, the movie music from Cars. Not the songs with lyrics mind you, the Randy Newman tracks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the music is incredible and I really enjoy the way Randy puts a song together. The theme music for Bug’s Life was brilliant and perfectly conveyed the movie feel I think. But not so much for Cars.

When I hear the music not with the movie, it doesn’t sound like music you would hear during the kind of movie Cars is. The sound of the tracks is more fantasy than race car and just by listening to it there is no way you would be able to figure out what kind of movie this music was for.

Anyway, watch out for an audio breakdown for better examples. This one has just been bugging me, so I wanted to purge 😉

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