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So, I inspired this guy to switch his MINI blog to wordpress. I’m diggin’ it myself, and you know how I like to spread the word (ahem, Mozilla FireFox?). It is fairly helpful if you have a minor grasp on CSS before attempting to make any mods, but once you get passed that, the interface is clean and simple, it’s fast and dynamic (which means you don’t have to publish). Of course, if you aren’t afraid of digging through the codes, making minor mods to main page is also equally simple (add or remove modules, re-arrange items) and there are already quite a few plugins that are pretty nifty too.

People are still driving like complete and total idiots on the road. It is really starting to piss me off.

Qwest finally pulled the plug on the T-1 line at the office. Back to the dial-up like speeds of the Earthlink DSL. Man I wish we had copper in the ground instead of iron. Sheesh. This should be temporary while SBC gets everything ramped up for us instead.

I’ve got way more, but I’m going to rustle me up some chow.

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