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I’m going into week 4 with this device and think I finally have it figured out. And I have figured out the key to getting the phone to behave a little bit better. Want to know my secret?

It’s not a phone. It’s a handheld computer.

That’s right. Go ahead and read it again. And, once more until it sinks in.

Like a computer, it’s affected by bad software. Like a computer with a more mature OS, it’s affected by power. Like a computer, it has tell tale signs that something isn’t right. For example, I would have the phone powered on, all apps shut down and all hardware services (bluetooth, wifi, 3g, gps) turned off and the screen sent to the lowest brightness setting. Even after that it was still running hot, which means something was hammering the CPU pretty good. It was the task killer I was using, so I uninstalled it.

I ran it yesterday without it. And without WiFi (which I shouldn’t have done) or bluetooth or GPS. I was able to go about 5 hours with moderate use of Twitter, Facebook and taking a few photos while I was hanging around MINI of Ontario waiting for them to sort a few things out.

Or, in other words, using it like a portable computer.

That is right on par with the ASUS EeePC battery life for normal, off the juice, battery life. Not bad for a portable computer, not good, in my opinion, for a phone. Another example would be the Blackberry Tour 9630. If I would have been carrying that yesterday, using it the same as I did the Incredible, I might have used 50% power. Maybe. Still with access to Twitter and Facebook. Still taking photos. Still replying to emails. Granted the experience isn’t nearly as rich as it is with the Incredible. And that’s the trade off.

I think an up-grade to a 1700mh battery would definitely help since the current battery only has a 1300mh capacity. The 1700 fits without replacing the back cover too, which makes me wonder why HTC didn’t include that size in the first place. That, and more diligent watching of the apps and services might make this phone useable for at least 12 hours under normal use, maybe more.

Full review to follow now that I have the battery issues narrowed down.

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