Maybe not so Incredible

After spending a full week with this phone on the road, and 1 week off, I have some updates to my original notes.

  • Battery life. I’ve had laptops that go longer on a charge than this phone does when it’s being used. During MTTS, some days I was lucky if it went 2 hours on a charge, but that was with heavy network and video use. Back at home base, I was able to completely drain the battery in less than 6 without using the camera or 3g.
  • Reliability. Another minor issue is that this device decided when it will and won’t work. Sure, will work is 97% of the time, but it’s the other 3% that come up EXACTLY when I need it work.
  • Crash prone. I don’t have a gazillion apps running or installed, but this phone sure gets crashy, especially when, wait for it…., it’s making phone calls. Not very cool.
  • Battery charging. It would appear that the only way to effectively charge this device is by using the OEM charger. Sure it will charge over USB, but it takes, literally, over night to complete, if you are lucky.
  • More about the battery. It would also appear that letting the battery go completely dead isn’t such a great thing for this device. It happened to me last week and I ended up having to do a complete factory restore to make it work again. Again, not cool.
  • If I’m not mentioning it here, then it works pretty great, including the camera and the network (except in Denver)
  • HTC Auto-correct. A brilliant piece of software engineering, but you really need to mind when it is putting on your screen to avoid too many Drunk Mustards.

I’m still compiling notes for a full review. I also want to get a call into tech support to see if the problems I’m having are particular to the phone or unique to me. I still think it’s an ok device but am starting to think that either I will be needing to switch back to the Blackberry for the battery life/reliability or purchase a charger for every room/car that I will be carrying the phone in as well as putting in the larger 1700mh battery.

By Don

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