Maybe its not for me

The following was composed entirely on the Motorola Droid.

Earlier today I was getting pretty bent about the Droid. Turns out, like any LCD screen, this one washes out completely as soon as you take it outside. Then there is the keyboard.

And I’m just not getting used to it. Wjen I say keyboard I mean the onsxren touxh keyboard, not the hard keyboard attahed to the phone. That one garners the honor of being the worst keyboard I have ever used.

It got so. Bad today thay I axtually convinced myself that, as col as the Droid is, touxh sxrwn phones just aren’t for me.

But I haved dexoded to give or until the end od the week. I’ve installed the better keyboard app feom the markeet and that seems to help a little hit. I’m also tryz difderent skins. This one was typed on a skin xalles iphone but truat me, ots nor ecen xlose.

Ro give you am odea of how bad thw keyboard is, ove composes this entire post usimg it.

Hopedully by the wns of the week ot improoves or I am foing back to the blaxkberry.

It’s not that the keyboard is bad. It’s just that I think it’s bad _for me_. The problem is three-fold.

  1. The narrow (vertical) keyboard is tightly spaced and the screen is fairly sensitive.
  2. The wide (horizontal) keyboard is too widely spaced, and the spacing is weird. Not helped by the fact that I have small hands.
  3. The physical keyboard is horrendous. I mean, honestly. By far the worst keyboard I have even seen or used. Also not helped by the fact that I have small hands. Or that the keyboard isn’t centered to the device.

Asking around to some folks to see how long it took them to get used to typing on the iPhone. Common response it 2 days to a week. I’m going into week #2 right now. And, what I tried to say above in the typo riddled paragraph, I’m going to give it until the end of the week. If I can’t figure it out by then, it’s going back and I’m going to stick with the Blackberry.

There are other things that are seriously wrong with this phone helping the decision. Lame as this may seem, Facebook, essentially, doesn’t work. It does, but it’s a mix of the app and the mobile site, which is awful. The touch site isn’t much better. If I got notifications it wouldn’t be so bad, but I don’t.

And, for the first time in a very long time I’m dropping calls. It got so bad last week I actually called 611 about it. They saw the dropped calls and did a few things on their end that hopefully helped. Yet another thing I will be keeping my eye on. And, before anyone says anything about this, the Blackberries (and every other VZW phone I have **ever** had) dropped calls so infrequently that I can say they never did. Maybe once a quarter? Maybe?

Like I said, until the end of the week. No further reports until I have made my final decision.
And for crying out loud, quit telling me to get an iPhone! Above all else, I need my phone to be just that, a phone. I need to be able to dial my phone, talk to the person on the other end and hang up. All the time. Every time. No matter where I am. Sure, you have good AT&T coverage where you are, but I do not. Besides dropped calls, the call quality is so poor that a tin can with string would provide better quality. So stop.

By Don

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Ken!

      If it’s that bad, maybe try 611 or the VZW store to see if they can help you out? That’s what I’ve done with my blackberry’s and have always had really good luck.

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