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mcp screen shotWhen I originally built the theme for this site, I didn’t think about making it work for anyone but me. I know, quite selfish of me, right?

Then, as dev continued, I got the idea that I really should try to make it more of a standard WP theme, make sure it works in all browsers, make sure it looks good in all browsers and works with just about any plugin I throw at it. All of that is the reason why this theme took me over 3 months of tweaking to develop.

And, for the first time ever, it has been replicated. You can see the screen shot above, or view it live here. That’s right, it’s the My Cruise Planner site that Michael and his lovely wife work on, post news articles to and host their Mail Buoy podcast from.

Of course I had way too much of the hand coded stuff in it for them to use, primarily in the sidebar. If I were to distribute this as a stand-alone-anyone-can-use-it theme, I would leave that almost blank anyway and let whoever took it use it for whatever they wanted, much like I have done for the MCP site.

I did have to make a few others changes as well. Primarily in the categories, and this is my best wordpress trick and I’m using it everywhere I need this functionality.

  • Create a main, or parent, category
  • Create sub, or child, categories under the parent
  • Set category base to ‘section’ (it could be anything really)

Doing this allows separation of the parent categories within the structure of the site while at the same time not excluding anything from the RSS feed. I’m sure many of you have already noticed that the podcasts are showing up in your feeds, yet you do not see them on the ‘blog’ section here.

Just thought I’d toot my own before I changed the portfolio page.

If you do need any kind of travel, you really should talk to them first. No foolin’, they have saved my butt more than a few times. It’s also why they are the official travel planners of White Roof Radio.

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