Make it Simple, Stupid

Pictured above is the 6 remotes it takes to run the entertainment system at Camp Stella.

  • TV
  • A/V Receiver
  • Roku XD|S
  • Roku Soundbridge
  • Cable Box/DVR
  • Crappy DVD player (supports PAL, so shut up)

6 devices. 6 remotes. Until now. Thanks to our friend Jason, who, after seeing the above photo, sent us this.

That is the Logitech Harmony 670 Remote. You’ve seen this at stores thinking that it would be cool if you had one, right? I can say, without a doubt, that it is **very** cool to have one!

After a download and about 1 hour of programming I had it set to operate almost everything in the rack. When the TV button is pressed, the TV turns on, sets to the correct input and fires up the cable box (if it’s off). It would turn on the receiver and set the correct input too if I was using the receiver with the cable box (I’m not, yet). Watch a movie? Press a button and the TV changes to the Roku XD|S, stereo sets to the correct input and it even triggers a HOME button press on the Roku box. Listen to music through the Soundbridge is just as easy!

The controls make sense and the device seems pretty easy to use so far. In as much as it only takes one remote to do what previously took 2 or more, that was an easy task.

Don’t worry, full write-up to follow after we use it for about a week or so. I’m positive that it will be favorable.

**HUGE thanks to Jason** for hooking us up, quite literally! You should add him to your circles in G+ (he takes pretty rad photos) and follow his blog.

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