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Is this happening to anyone else? When you check your server logs your see a site ref by 1 you haven’t seen before, so you click on it. You get there and all the posts (about 5 or so) are from the same date (11/16/2003 in this case) and all links for the most part point right back to the page. The designs are all kinda the same too, like they all came from the same shop/designer. On the side there is also one of those javascript referer list too. And, you won’t find a link to your site anywhere here, except in the JS list (don’t bother viewing the source, I already tried that).

Spam in my email box. Spam in my snail mail box. Now spam in the server logs? ugh. Well, at least I don’t yet get comment spam, but I know that will happen soon enough.

By the by, who was looking for ass clown f? Just curious as to what you were really looking for, and why on earth you could possibly think you would find it at a site that specializes (number 3 on Google baby!) in frog porn?

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