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This from Todd, taken with his iPhone no doubt.

All of those people lined up to give Apple $129 and get a free t-shirt? This is what counts as fun in the 21st century now?

Last time I saw a line like this was a Disneyland to ride Pirates of the Carribean. But, there wasn’t a shiny new disk waiting for me when I offloaded, so there is that.

I’ll be watching reports. There are a few Windows features that have finally made it to OSX that I can’t wait to try. That, and the improved audio quality of iChat (higher quality codex) seem pretty cool to me.

But I will probably get mine from Amazon. Besides the lack of line, I’ll also save $20! Woot!

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  1. I’ve been liveblogging, and I’m working on my final write-up now. It’s already been installed on the MBP, and once I get photos uploaded to Flickr, it’s going on the iMac. Good times. The line was fun.

  2. My line had a bunch of mouth breathing dorks (no, not the hipster geek crowd- flat out dorks). I felt rather embarrassed for some. I had three separate people come up and ask me what we’re standing in line for… At any rate, Leopard is running smooth on the Mac Pro and iBook.

    I took a picture of my line and posted to my flickr account.

  3. No worries, I fixed it for ya. I have also bumped the ‘link’ queue which will help keep those out of moderation when y’all post a link.

  4. Line? I’m not sure I understand why anybody bothers to wait in line for a product introduction at an Apple store anymore. I mean really, when was the last time that Apple sold out of a product on their launch date? We’re not talking a game console manufacturer that can’t seem to figure out their supply chain here…

    We wandered over to the Apple store around 7:00ish… They were ready for a line, the barriers were up but there was no line to get into the shoebox of an Apple store by us. If there had been a line, it had to have been disposed of quickly…

    The place was crowded – but there were plenty of shirts, plenty of Leopard, and plenty of Apple Store weenies doing nothing at all…

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