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Trying to get back on track after being gone for 2 weeks. Feeling the need to post, but not really having anything, a quick list of things that I’m either looking at, playing with or doing.

  • So, I have an Evernote account. Downloaded the app even. Does anyone have a good use for this? I mean, I keep a little notebook for notes and whatnot, do I really need this online?
  • I’ve been giving thought to trying out Remember the Milk. But, again, do I need it?
  • Fluid App is now to a point where I can recommend it. I’m using it for gMail and Hahlo (for Twitter) and it’s working quite well. Click over and see what others are doing with it, or use it for your favorite-gotta-have-get-bummed-when-it-crashes site. I think you’ll be pleased. Watch for a full write up in about a week.
  • Firefox 3 rules! I haven’t used it on Windows yet, but on the Mac it’s awesome. So nice to have it back again, with all my plugins and settings. It’s like moving back home.
  • WordPress 2.5 no longer has excerpts for pages, which is annoying. Luckily, I found a plug-in that works well until the functionality returns (rumored in 2.6). Now, to get those excerpts to show up on other pages.
  • Speaking of WordPress 2.5, have any of you played with the new image handling features? It’s pretty cool. Watch for me to start using that more here, there and everywhere I’m running WP.

Off to work more on a custom WP theme.

By Don

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  1. One semi-decent idea I’ve heard for Evernote is for restaurant menus.

    Say for example you’re out at your favorite Sushi place. You take a picture with your camera (or camera phone). Send the photo via email or syncing to your Evernote account. Do this whenever you go out to eat… Now, the next time you’re in the mood for calamari go to evernote and start searching for calamari. With the built-in word search technology (similar to experince when searching within pdfs) it will find the menu (and thus restaurant) that had calamari.

    Now, that was rather long-winded and sort of pointless. I don’t do that BS..but, I do save my craigslist wishlists there (versus del.icio.us) since they tend to expire quickly.

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