Josh is here

I’m sure you’ve already read and seen that young Josh is here in sunny SoCal for a visit. He’s stoked to say the least (or so he would have me believe). If you don’t believe me, go on over and check for yourself.

Otherwise, trying to get work to upgrade our old computer equipment with expired and obsoleted operating systems. Yes, that’s right, db is asking for….

wait for it….

Money to spend on technology!!! (dramatic music goes here)

And, so that you, my faithful reader knows, I’m not asking for a lot. Actually, the amount of money to upgrade the server and all the workstations in the office is less than a half week of sales at our slowest store. My Gateway guy really came through with some kick ass pricing! Anyway, they of course have to bitch about it to no end, like it’s the end of the world.

It’s not like I’m asking for a budget that, like most normal companies, is 1-2% of revenues. I want to spend a bit more than 12K on new workstations and server. Like pulling teeth.

Then, there is one of the locations at work that was recently aquired. Some of their practices are less than savory, so I’ve been trying to show them the right path. One of the biggest offenses is the sales department has call ID blocking set up on their phones. Call me silly, but don’t only telemarketers and collections agents have call ID blocking on their phones? When you see a call show up on the screen that says unknown or blocked, you don’t answer the phone, do you? Nor do I, or anyone else that I know. I would think that if the caller ID screen actually showed the name of the business, business would increase because people would actually answer the phone, right? Well, according to them, it doesn’t work that way. Not only do they prefer to have call ID blocking on, they also insist on calling the same number sometimes as much as 10-15 times per day, even if they LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!! I’m so done with these people it’s not even funny.

Otherwise, getting ready to race the MINI. I might post again before I go, but I can’t say for sure.

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